Adult Supervision

is advised



The game involves a main player running into his nightmares, avoiding obstacles to reach the end goals. There is a boy who sees a lot of nightmares and its up to you to help him conquer his fears. There are going to be 3 levels in the game. Each level having its own theme like one with phobia of fire and the other with phobia of reptiles. At the end of each level there is going to be a boss battle. Each boss would be the personification of the phobia of the corresponding level.

The level would involve simple controls such a moving left, right and jumping. In addition to this, the boss battle would also involve shooting lasers. The bosses would probably use basic AI for attacking the player randomly.

After the game is complete, a bonus endless runner level would be unlocked for further user engagement. Since the player has conquered his fears, this level would make sense to have a dreamy, Disney type fantasy land.


Key Features

Game Structure